I achieve greatness by pushing the limits.

I achieve greatness by pushing the limits.

Limits are established to give my life safe
boundaries. I respect the limits I have
drawn out for myself according to my
values. While limits are often helpful in
keeping me on the right path, limits
placed on me by others can be restrictive.
There is a difference between living
by responsible boundaries and
stifling my inner self.
There are pieces
of me that need to be allowed free reign.
When I recognize a new talent within me,
I pursue it with passion to achieve
I push the limits by pursuing
creativity rather than results.
down to take my time allows me to
develop my creative side. By focusing on
the process instead of the product, I refine
my skills and find my passion.
My creativity is limitless. Even though I
have an amazing career in my field, I can
still pursue other interests. I give myself
permission to read information, take
classes, and even venture out to try new

There is no reason why I should only do
one thing with my life, because I am
multi-faceted. I allow myself to explore
and experiment with new things
. The
only way I can find out what I like and
what I am good at is by trying a variety of
different things.

I push the limits by asking questions.
I seek answers for myself straight from the
source. I filter the things I have learned
from my parents, friends, and even the
media by reading reliable book sources.
Today, I choose to live beyond my limits
in order to identify my passions and
achieve greatness.
Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What is the difference between safe
    boundaries and stifling limits?
  2. What are some interests I would like
    to pursue?
  3. Why is it important to ask lots of


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