My future is free from limitations. The path
in front of me is clear. I see exactly what it
takes to accomplish my goals and create the
life I desire.
I have limitless potential, joy, and love.

I have limitless goals and accomplishments.
I live in a universe of endless possibilities.
Opportunities surround me at every step. I
see new ideas and ventures all around me. I
need only to reach out and take hold of the
ones that support my exciting vision of my
The experiences in my life support my
growth. They help shape my future in a
positive way. Even the negative events and
moments have a beneficial impact. I
understand how challenges help me grow
and change.

My future is truly glorious.
I accomplish my dreams and make them a
reality. I reach new heights at work and in
my community. I scale obstacles and push
past challenges.

I lift the limits on my goals. I go after what
I want in life with enthusiasm. I know what
I need to make me happy. I know who to
turn to for support and encouragement.
I have hope for the future. I nourish this
optimism and make it stronger.
Today, I see how my future is limitless. I am
empowered to create the life I desire.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I avoid feelings of fear about
    what is to come?
  2. What can I do to lift the limits in my
    thoughts that stop me from being
  3. How can I shape my current ideas and
    belief systems to make my future


Tha Bosslady

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