The possibilities around me are limitless.

“The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled towards some great good ”— Tha Bosslady

There are so many options and possibilities
presented to me each day.

I have an arrayof choices to make that can ensure I live a
more fulfilled life, so I do what I can to
take advantage of my options.

Fascinating projects are assigned to me at
work and I accept them with anticipation of
new benefits. Performing these jobs
impacts my life in several positive ways.
I gain experience and have the chance to
work with people I want to get to know
better. My supervisor can observe my skills
and share my ideas. I treasure doing work I
enjoy. I realize I am lucky to have my
In my personal life, I am surrounded by
wonderful people. I always look forward to
spending time with those I care about.
I also enjoy making new friends. I can also
benefit in many ways by meeting new
people. I learn things from them and
establish new networking connections that
may later come in handy to advance my

On this day, I have opportunities to have
coffee, go to lunch, or spend time after
work with my friends or loved ones.

Thesepossibilities for friendship, fascinating
discussions, and sharing time ensure my
life is rich beyond measure.

Today, I take advantage of the
opportunities that present themselves to
me. I have the chance to demonstrate my
work prowess, deepen my connections to
others, and enjoy time with close friends
and family members.
Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I pay attention to the possibilities
    surrounding me in an average day?
  2. What are three possibilities I experienced
    yesterday? How did I respond to them?
  3. How can I train myself to tune into the
    possibilities that present themselves to


Tha Bosslady

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