Mass Incarceration

‘Mass Incarceration Nation’ by Jeffrey Bellin


‘Mass Incarceration Nation’ by Jeffrey Bellin

‘Mass Incarceration Nation’ by Jeffrey Bellin

Jeffrey Bellin of William & Mary Legislation College has authored Mass Incarceration Nation: How america Turned Hooked on Prisons and Jails and How It Can Recuperate, a guide discussing mass imprisonment and its affect in america.

From the guide description:

The US imprisons a better proportion of its inhabitants than another nation. Mass Incarceration Nation presents a novel, in-the-trenches perspective to clarify the elements – historic, political, and institutional – that led to the present system of mass imprisonment. The guide examines the causes and impacts of mass incarceration on each the political and legal justice programs. With accessible language and simple statistical evaluation, former prosecutor turned regulation professor Jeffrey Bellin gives a components for reform to return to the low incarceration charges that characterised america previous to the Nineteen Seventies.

  • Makes use of accessible language and simple statistical evaluation to clarify the rise of mass incarceration
  • Illustrates the roles of particular person actors (police, prosecutors, judges and others) in producing mass incarceration
  • Affords a sturdy blueprint for dramatically reducing the variety of individuals incarcerated in america of America
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